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About Us



Freshly made, and never from a factory, CJ's Fresh proposes to you a concept that is young, bold, & refreshing. Crafted with love and passion throughout the day, we combine the finest of ingredients to provide a variety of fresh spreads, breads and textures, curated on a daily basis. Packed with good, wholesome and natural ingredients, we promise to introduce a deliciously attainable and exciting experience.

Believe there is Good in the World; CJ's Fresh promises you delectably irresistible creations delivered in magical cartridges. Every dish under the Mafia Mania has a story to tell. The menu boasts a scrumptious variety of pastas, tacos, and other accompaniments, with an expansive list of sandwich, burger and pizza selections.



Aiming to enhance a calm, positive and peaceful environment, the brain behind CJ’s Fresh Bar says, - “Part of the secret to any success in life is to eat what you like, and let the food fight it out inside.” Premising itself on a relatable idea of take-away and delivery, the brand seeks to satisfy an on-the- go lifestyle, offering both quality & convenience to the customer.

We promise to deliver an epicurean adventure through an array of global flavors and aromas, ensuring that your dining experience is a memorable one.

Did you know

The Pasta Cartel and the Underworld Shells create create an Underworld Cartel that's almost impossible to enter?  
Not here at CJ's though. The Mafia Mania has special connections around town. “Let's session a Pink Gamble with Alfredo’s Clique in the Marinara Corner to win the Pesto Pool”, thought Carbonara. “Mi Amor, it is time to have a Flaming Fling with Mushy Minced in the Classic Assembly of The Big Apple”, said Carbonara’s Crew. “Where are Mo's Nutella Fried Oreos? Those moist cookies swirled in nutella with a concoction of milk and white chocolate are the only saving grace for Carbonara’s Cartel,” cried the crowd.


Watch out and keep Armed from the Mobster Burger with the right hint of Barbeque and oodles of Bacon Bits, to the Twisty Aloo with the crispiest patties launching ignited bombs of smoked cheese. Introducing the now famed Panini Pack; don’t you chicken out on the Getting Grilled. An unforgettable succulent sandwich, whose ‘secret sauce’ is magical, thus blending the metaphoric magic in these marinated fillings. Oh, and the Spice in that Turkey Business, watch the tobacco toss with some mozzarella and finally grill to crusty perfection. Cap it-off with the Extra Thin Pizza, and a specially home-crafted Cauliflower Base, together launching shots of not only exciting new spreads, but also other dazzling ingredients such as chipotle, barbeque, pulled pork, caramelized onions, white cheese and smoked turkey ham.

CJ's Fresh Benefits!


In addition to ensuring quality and freshness, we also uniquely combine an unparalleled range of ingredients in a balanced proportion.

We offer the freshest produce to create the finest offerings, hence the word fresh.

We aim to create a healthy addiction, one so strong that you just can't do without!

We follow a QSR (Quick Serving Restaurant) model that is both, simple and suitable. We work on a delivery & pick-up model, offering quality and convenience to our customers.